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Glitter Gel
Glitter creates an impressive sparkling shine. Use together with stencils to create fantastic effects. Perfect for school break-ups and shows.

Available in the following colours: Gold, silver, red and blue.

Blue Glitter
Coat Gloss
Show Shine has a well balanced formula which gives a beautiful gloss, lustre and simple finish in the mane and tail.

Show Shine is enriched with a special ingredient which gives good long-term results. Other advantages obtained with Show Shine are significantly reduced drying times as well as a coat surface that repels dirt and water more readily.
Show Shine Pälsglans  
    Glitter Spray
Sprayable glitter creates a fantastic sparkling shimmer, giving a professional impression. Perfect for use at competitions and exhibitions.

Available in the following colours: Gold, ice crystal, copper and blue.
Gold Glitter Glitter